Residence Yasushi

Our Guide to Eating In and Around

Nozawaonsen is both a fabulous resort for skiers and onsen aficionados, and a quiet
and charming farming community living in the traditions of generations. The
enduring theme that runs through Nozawaonsen through the year is the central role
the mountains and land play, not only in the activities visitors engage in, but also the
wonderful food you’ll be introduced to.

Nozawaonsen’s villagers are adventurous foragers. Nozawana - a pickle is
renowned through Japan, is made from a wild vegetable found in the mountains
during the green season. If you can, do try the vegetables or eggs prepared in the
cooking onsen of the village. The thermal mineral waters impart an umami to the
simply boiled natural produce that will leave you wanting more.

Delicious local produce from around the area anchors the very high standard and
multitude of cuisines to be found. Visitors benefit from exacting local culinary
standards; the village’s restaurants and cafes serve up some truly wonderful meals
at terrific value. The range of cuisines found winter season will not disappoint!!
We’d encourage you to just wander through the village and try somewhere that
takes your fancy. Most are still family run establishments where the food is served
with much love. The damage guide below is… a guide; it really depends on what you
order! Just remember, many places here only accept cash!

During peak season, remember to book at least a day ahead. Avoiding popular times helps too; an early dinner at 6pm will always be easier to accommodate!!

Remember, we can also arrange for deliveries or “demai”. We have to give the  restaurants some warning so do let us know before lunch. 


Our favourites places to eat at are organised by approximate distance from
Residence Yasushi. The Map References are for the printed Nozawaonsen Town
Guide Maps. Refer to the map below for locations on Google Maps.

Opening times vary throughout the year.  Please call the restaurants for latest times (or check the links provided for a rough idea).

Gochisou | Residence Yasushi in Nozawaonsen

Map Reference: C2
In the Annexe of Residence Yasushi, opposite Shimataya View Hotel

Pizza, Mediterranean comfort food and delicious cocktails.
In the brand new Annexe of Residence Yasushi, discover the scrumptious freshness
of Gochisou’s prized pizzas - , served direct from Gochisou’s pizza oven, and
Mediterranean tapas. Discover Pablo’s freshly made specialties and pairings with
their fabulous cocktails.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 50 58069354

Map Reference: C2
To the left of Residence Yasushi,
next to Shimataya View Hotel 
Japanese, grilled chicken and unagi

In a historic old building, Atarishiya is decorated with great charm. The restaurant is open for lunch only. The grilled chicken meals and unagi (eel) are renowned and many take the day off skiing or sight-seeing just to have lunch here. The eel are taken fresh from the pond each day.
Bring cash – credit cards aren’t accepted.

Atarashiya | Residence Yasushi in Nozawaonsen

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 269-85-2044

Atarashiya | Residence Yasushi in Nozawaonsen

Ivy Tapas Wine & Cheese | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

IVY Tapas Wine & Cheese
Map reference: F3
Near the Ogama cooking onsen.

Tapas, Wine and Cheese!
One of our new favorite place in Nozawaonsen! Ivy has open this year and they did an amazing job with their food and wine offer. They have a wide selection of quality Local and International Wine, Cheese and Cured Meats, Tasty Tapas and children friendly options. They will welcome you in a relaxed family-friendly environment with a nostalgic charm.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours: 4 pm to 9.30 pm
Tel: TBC

Minato | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Map reference: F3
Right opposite the unmistakable Furusato-no-Yu on Asagama Street.

Halfway up Asagama, spot the enormous ceramic tanuki raccoon-like figurine and you’ve found Minato. A lovely atmospheric izakaya restaurant, Minato has some fabulous fish offerings. There is a wonderful table for seating a bigger group where you can gather around the iryori fireplace.

Likely damage: ¥¥
Opening hours:
Tel: +81 269 852609

Akebitei | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Akebitei Okonomiyaki
Map Reference: C4
Near the Kuma-no-Teara Yu.
Japanese, hot plate dishes

Down the hill behind the Shimataya View Hotel, Akebitei is a great little teppan-bar and restaurant, right by the Kuma-no-Teara Yu onsen. Enjoy the spectacle of the amiable Saito- san as he prepares the various dishes right in front of you. Okonomiyaki are savoury Japanese pancakes. These make for some pretty satisfying meals for those who come hungry. Also try the yakisoba fried noodles, especially the cheese modan-yaki - a mix of the pancake, noodles and egg and the house specialty, tonpeiyaki.

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-3470 

Map Reference: D4
At the cross roads in the dip heading towards Oyu.

Shinko-Q is a rare organic food focused restaurant with a heavy emphasis on vegetables – hence it’s inclusion here. Vegetarians and vegans should find ample choices, and some of the food is really pretty good. For non-vegetarians, the deep fried chicken and grilled pork is excellent.
Watch out though as it can be on the pricey side. 

Shinko-Q | Residence Yasushi in Nozawaonsen

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-2016 

Shinko-Q | Residence Yasushi in Nozawaonsen

Trattoria Bivacco | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Trattoria Bivacco
Map Reference: E4
Second floor in front of Kawahara onsen
Italian Cuisine

Bivacco is an outstanding small Italian restaurant located near O-yu street.  You can expect to find delicious homemade pasta, and really good Japanese meats and vegetables paired with all- organic Italian wines. The young chef, who used to work at a Tokyo Michelin Star Restaurant, offers a short menu, yet creative, well designed and perfectly executed. Do not forget to try their tiramisu - it’s one of the best we ever tried!
With so much attention to details, Trattoria Bivacco is one of the best western restaurants in Nozawa. 

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥¥
Opening Hours: 5 pm to 11.30 pm
Tel: +81 90-7908-5002

Carte | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Map Reference: E4
Turn left at Kaze-no-Ie Pasta and it will be up the stairs on the left as the street forks.
International, Tea, coffee & cakes.

You’ll feel at home in Carte. Surrounded by kitschy by charming ornaments and books, it’s a warm, relaxing place for a quiet cup of tea. Try the cheesecake!!

Likely Damage: ¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-2016 

Map Reference: F4
Strategically placed at the O-yu intersection Tanuki provides several dining options.
International, Australian fusion

At the ground level looking out to the main street, Tanuki is a modern take on Thai cuisine, integrating local produce with the old time favourites and contemporary dishes. Tanuki will also cater for vegans, vegetarians and those who have to be gluten free.

Upstairs, on the second level, Tanuki’s teppanyaki bar focuses on showcasing local produce. Reservations are recommended here.

Tanuki | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

In the basement, Tanuki Bar showcases an extensive range of Japanese spirits and beverages. It is a stylish place in which to relax and discover the range of sake, shochu, gins, whiskies, beers etc produced in Japan.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 269-85-3121 

Tanuki | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Map Reference: F4
In the basement of the Tokiwaya ryokan at the Oyu crossroad.

Tsukushinbo is an izakaya with a wide range of delicious offerings. From some staple favourites like yakitori and fried chicken karaage, to sashimi, noodles, and more adventurous dishes like ankimo monkfish liver. 

Tsukushinbo | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan
Tsukushinbo | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

You know the place is great because it is open all year round - a favourite with locals and visitors alike!!

Likely damage: ¥¥¥
Opening hours:
Tel: +81 269 853585

Jiyu Gekijo | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Jiyu Gekijo
Map Reference: C5
Bar and Grill

Housed in an old strip club, Jiyu Gekijo is today a (fairly) respectable bar with an amazing range of bar food. Most of these are on a skewer and you grill them over red hot charcoal yourself. You can sit around the old stage or peek down from the more private seating stalls upstairs - although the only entertainment these days would be rowdy bar patrons enjoying their evening out; they may have unearthed some old Penthouse magazines from the piles left on the old stage….

Likely damage ¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269 855115

Wanyru Hanten Ramen | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Wanryu Hanten Ramen
Map Reference: D5
Down the road off Oyu Dori opposite the wine and spirits shop.
Japanese, Ramen noodles and Gyoza Dumplings.

You can’t go wrong with a hot bowl of ramen here!! Ramen is traditionally a Chinese style noodle which the Japanese have adopted as their own and perfected – particularly when served with gyoza as they do at Wanryu. These noodles, served with vegetables and/or meat in a hot broth made with a base soy Miso or of meat stock. A simple cosy café decorated in lively reds, Wanryu is great value!

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 269-85-2439 

Daimon Soba
Location: E5
Just off the main street Oyu Dori, at the top of the side street opposite the liquor shop in the centre of town.
Japanese, Soba buckwheat noodles

Soba in the region is renowned and the friendly maestros running Daimon today is third generation of soba makers in their family (including a couple of champion ski jumpers). Enjoy the warm welcome; it’s a delight to watch them working together. The noodle meals are great value, healthy and absolutely delicious! They can be accompanied by local specialties like tempura prawns (lightly battered and fried).

Daimon Soba | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 269-85-2033

Daimon Soba | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Haus St Anton | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Haus St. Anton
Map Reference: E5
In the center of town on Oyu-Dori, the main street.
International, fusion + café delicatessen

Set right in the heart of the main street, this little gem of a restaurant and café is un-missable. Very popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. At the restaurant (its entrance is up the side street next to the main street café), chef Ken Katagiri creates imaginative cross cultural dishes in the restaurant, blending European and Japanese cuisine. Reservations are recommended well in advance.

Haus St Anton Restaurant | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

If you’re just craving a quick snack, they also serve small bites, ice cream and coffee, in the café. A hot favourite is the spicey oyaki dumpling – although there are other fillings to choose from too! The oyaki steamers are placed on the main street and beckon you in. You can also find small gifts and local produce here. Haus St Anton specialises in local honeys and jams.

Likely Damage: ¥ Café ¥¥¥¥ Restaurant
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-3597 

Kuriya Yakitori
Map Reference: E6
On the main street Oyu Dori, opposite Haus St Anton.
Yakitori and bar

Kuriya mouth-watering sticks of grilled meats are not going to be the most balanced dinner you’ll find – there’s not much for the vegetarian, but are well worth being naughty for. The tsukune minced chicken balls are some of the best we’ve had and one bowl of the grilled ginko nuts is never enough for us.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours: 6pm-10.30pm (Closed Thursdays)
Tel: +81 269-85-3010 

Kuriya Yakitori | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Genki Burger | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Genki Burger
Map Reference: E5
Opposite Haus St Anton restaurant, around the corner from the café, up the side street.
International, burgers

Genki Burger, typical of the best specialist food outlets, serves some of the best burgers in the world. On par, if not better, with the likes of Fergburger in Queenstown, Genki Burger is wholly unpretentious. Great for dinner or supper of course, but don’t forget they are also serving breakfast burgers for that fuel stop before you hit the slopes for the day!

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 50-5532-7945 

Map Reference: E5
On the main street Oyu Dori, next to the Stay Bar on 2F.
Japanese, Hot pot beef and pork

Wagyu-tei, one level up and overlooking Oyu Dori, has some delicious sukiyaki and shabu shabu offerings. Great for a winter’s night, these hearty meals will hit a spot after a hard day’s skiing. The top grade wagyu beef is well worth the extra expense. Wagyu-tei also has an adjoining bar where you can grab a drink before your dinner. Tatsumi-san and his young team provide a friendly welcome every time.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥¥
Opening Hours: 6pm-10.30pm
Tel: +81 269-85-3010 

Wagyu-tei | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Duex Sumonabe  | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Duex Sumonabe
Map Reference: E5
On Oyu Dori, just after Foot bar.
Japanese hotpot.

Duex Sumonabe (pronounced sumo-na-bay) serves hearty Japanese hotpots with a choice of delicious broths. The hotpot comes with a variety of vegetables and a choice of meat (if you’d like some!). Also try the green curry enoki mushrooms and the tamago omelette. We recommend ending your meal with udon noodles cooked in the rich nabe broth.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours: 11am-3.00pm, 5.00pm-9.00pm
Tel: +81 90-8871-4553 

Map Reference: E6
Off Oyu Dori, one block towards the Post office after St Anton.
Japanese, various cuisines and sushi

Offering a broad range of Japanese cuisines from noodles to tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets), Wakagiri is the place to go when you can’t decide on one specialty. It is a large, friendly restaurant. Wakagiri’s lady sushi chef is a novelty in this male-dominated arena and serves up sushi that will hit a spot for those craving a fix!

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 269-85-2040 

Wakagiri | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Nappa Café (78 Café)
Map Reference: F3
Near the Ogama cooking onsen.
International, coffee, cakes, and light lunches.

Napa is one of the most charming cafes in town. Those who know it love it, and those who don’t will wish they had discovered it sooner. Napa Cafe serves delicious homemade cakes, light lunches, and espresso coffee. It’s a hidden gem, not far from Oyu-dori but tucked away in a peaceful narrow street. Take some reading and enjoy a quiet couple of hours here.

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 80-1250-7878 

Nappa Cafe | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Shichirohei | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Map Reference: C5
On the street down to the Dosojin festival grounds
International, European

A pared down, elegant restaurant and cafe, Shichirohei serves the most wonderful refined dinners. Using excellent local ingredients that are readily available but transformed with such style and elegance you will be blown away. We recently had a mushroom and chestnut risotto that pushed all risottos aside as the best ever. Beat a path to Chef Hirahara Yamasaki’s door! 

Shichirohei | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-67-0397 

Location: G5
Pass the grand O-yu Onsen on your left, and walk uphill a few hundred meters.
Japanese, izakaya dining

Tucked away uphill from the busier main street, Sakai is a family run, casual dining restaurant that offers something for everyone. Sakai is the authentic Japanese family run izakaya (bistro style pub) – down to the un-itemised bill with a single pencil-written total! You’ll feel at home with tradition here. The staff are very welcoming, speaking both Japanese and English. The grilled mackerel is fantastic.
Reservations are recommended during the peak periods.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-2177 

Sakai | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Sobadokoro Suzuki | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Sobadokoro Suzuki
Map Reference: D7
Just downhill from the post office.
Buckwheat noodle and tempura.

The soba at Suzuki is some of the best in town and the tempura a showcase of local vegetables – don’t worry, there is also some amazing shrimp tempura. Absolutely one of our favourites!!

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-4101 

Tonkichi | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Map Reference: C10
At the Nakao end of the village, just uphill from the Fire Station
Okonomiyaki and good range of snacks

If you fancy a pre- or post-prandial walk, Tonkichi is well worth making a reservation at. Serving Osaka style okonomiyaki, this charming family run restaurant distinguishes itself Akebitei with an excellent range of starters and snacks. The tori karaage (fried chicken) is succulent and delicious. And after a good meal, it will feel great to walk back through the full length of Oyu-dori - enhanced by stopping for something sweet or hot on the way!!

Likely damage ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-4433

Further Afield

Honnori-ya Onigiri at Tokyo Station (near the Yaesu entrance)

Honnori-ya is just pass the Yaesu gantry and well worth a quick stop. If you have half an hour before your train, you have time to pick up a couple of Honnori-ya’s famous onigiri. They are so popular they have queue guides pasted on the station floor in front of the shop.

Onigiri are the Japanese equivalent to sandwiches. The warm rice triangles stuffed with delicious fillings and wrapped in nor (seaweed sheets) at Honnori-ya are freshly made onsite. Our favourites include the unagi (grilled eel, oyster, pickled vegetables and salmon. There are many other fillings to choose from. Each onigiri will set you back approximately ¥150-200 and are easily packed to take away and eat on the train. There are counter seats available too; try the set with miso soup and pickles if you have time to sit down.

Honnori-ya Onigiri at Tokyo Station | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Buna | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Location: On the right side of Paradise slope, the second restaurant that looks like a glass hexagon with a pointy roof.
Japanese and international style.

Best view on the slopes! Enjoy your meal whilst surrounded by a 360 degree view of Paradise. Buna has a warm, family atmosphere that is the perfect place for a rest during a big day on the slopes. Curry & Naan Bread is famous amongst the locals and our guests. Can’t go wrong! We recommend it with a side of rice and also one of their famous hot chocolates with whipped cream. Nothing beats it.

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-3894 

Location: On the right side of Paradise slope, the first restaurant next to the one that looks like a glass hexagon with a pointy roof called Buna.
Japanese and western style.

Hakugin, like it’s neighbour Buna, is a warm welcoming lunch or snack stop on the slopes. A bigger range of offerings than Buna, Hakugin is much loved and often sees long queues at the peak lunch hour. Consider brunch or a late lunch if you’d like a shorter wait to be seated!

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-85-2617 

Hakugin | Residence Yasushi, Nozwaonsen, Japan

Dosanko Larmen | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Sapporo Lamen Dosanko
Location: On the road from Iiyama to Nozawaonsen, opposite the 7 Eleven
Japanese noodles

This ramen stop, a favourite of truckers passing through the area, has some of the best ramen we’ve ever had. It is run by an old couple who make each bowl of noodles freshly, when you place your order. The miso ramen broth is simply an umami explosion, while their vegetarian gyoza dumplings are really to die for!

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-8pm (closed Thursdays)
Tel: +81 269-65-2299 

Location: 1117 Iiyama, Iiyama 389-2253
Grilled eel

Honda is renowned for its grilled freshwater eels. They are done perfectly – a smokey crisp covering to the succulent eel fillets laid over the wonderfully fragrant eponymous rice of Iiyama. For the adventurous, get your daily dose of calcium from the deep fried eel bones. They are simply delicious! We were told “Tokyoites are known to make a special trip to eat at Honda! You must make time to go!!”

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours 
Tel: +81 269-62-2213 

Matsumi | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Matsumi Sushi
Location: 12-3 Minamimachi, Iiyama

Locals love Matsumi for its range of fresh and absolutely wonderful sushi, so much so it is advisable to book for dinner. The octopus carpaccio is actually lightly cooked by the hot garlic oil poured over it and absolutely wonderful. Besides some pretty great sushi, Matsumi’s agedashi tofu is also noted for how crisp and fresh it is.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269 670422 

Matsumi | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Location: 13-5 Minamimachi, Iiyama
Hamburgers and other comfort foods

A charming cafe near the Iiyama train station, across the main road from the Tsuruya supermarket. Hamburgers are a proud specialty and the charming team serves up some fuss-free but yummy international meals.

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-67-8022

Waremokou | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Tomikura | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Tomikura Soba Hanten Main Store
Location: 949-10 Kijima, Iiyama

Tomikura Soba is just outside Iiyama, in the farming village of Kijima. Serving delicious soba that is known for the unique texture and flavour, Tomikura is worth the short trip to Kijima. These soba noodles made from the Oyamabokuchi plant using techniques passed down for generations are a favourite among soba connoisseurs. "Tomikura" has become synonymous with "soba noodles," and is the pride of local residents. This is the real thing! Enjoy simple, fuss-free soba at it’s authentic best here. And if you like it, you can bring some home with you!!

Likely Damage: ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-63-3688 

Doyoubi-ha Italian
Location: 3103-8 Hodaka, Kijimadaira-mura
Pizza & Italian cuisine 

Yet to be discovered by visitors of Nozawaonsen, Doyoubi is a quiet gem. Hidden away in Hotaka - on the outskirts of the farming community of Kijima, this ivy covered Italian restaurant serves some truly excellent Italian cuisine. It is a favourite of ours and ideal on an outing to Lake Hokuryoku or Maguseonsen Spa.

Likely Damage: ¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-82-4633 

Doyoubi | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Sabo | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

17-14 Minamimachi, Iiyama, Nagano Prefecture 389-2254, Japan
Japanese fusion and grill

In Iiyama, Sabo is an unassuming restaurant run by a young couple with an innovative approach. They are at their best when fusing Japanese and international cuisines. Fresh surprises await with their creative combinations like yuba rolls, cheese spring rolls, crispy croque monsieur amongst others.

Likely damage ¥¥¥
Opening Hours
Tel: +81 269-62-4949

How to Make Handmade Soba Noodles

We look forward to seeing you soon at 

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