We believe that modernity in tradition combines the best of Japan’s exemplary design aesthetic with contemporary comforts. We sought out collaborative partners in Japan, but also more broadly in Asia, to bring this vision to life. Today, Residence Yasushi exudes a timeless elegance, every room a contemporary interpretation of the composed, pared down hospitality traditional to Japan. 

Furniture from Stellar Works

As Founder Yochiro Hori says, Stellar Works bring ideas together: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry. Like Residence Yasushi, Stellar Works shares the vision that good design endures through time.

Traditional bedding and ojami cushions from Takaokaya

Managed by the third generation of the family, Takaokaya is a producer of hand-made Japanese zabuton cushions and futon in the ancient capital of Kyoto. Since 1919 when Takaoka-san set up a futon workshop in Fushimi in south Kyoto, Takaokaya believes that products created with care and tradition, bring with them a soul that enhances our lives.
Linens from Ploh

We believe that adequate sleep is one of modern life’s rare luxuries. We travelled to the production sites of our mattresses to ensure every detail had been addressed and have partnered with Ploh to create lush inviting beds with choice bed linens. Dressed with linens which are plush yet discreet, our rooms await you with the promise of a good night’s sleep.

8853-1 Toyosato,
Shimotakai District,
Nagano Prefecture
389-2502, Japan