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Residence Yasushi is a luxury modern Kakure-Yado (Hidden Inn) in the charming thermal hot spring onsen village and ski resort of Nozawaonsen near Iiyama. Overlooking the Kitashinano forests adjacent to the Tsutsujiyama Park, Yasushi comprises twenty comfortable rooms with full ensuite facilities. Yasushi's private thermal hotspring onsen baths are fed by the prized milky Shinyu waters.

We believe that modernity in tradition combines the best of Japan’s exemplary design aesthetic with contemporary comforts. We sought out collaboration in Japan, but also more broadly in Asia, to bring this vision to life. Today, Residence Yasushi exudes a timeless elegance, every room a contemporary interpretation of the composed, pared down hospitality traditional to Japan. 

Just a convenient five to ten minute stroll to the dynamic heart of Nozawaonsen village, our location in the Shinyu area is wonderfully quiet and has allowed us to create rooms that you will find privacy and tranquility in.

We hope you will come and visit us, relax at Yasushi while you enjoy the skiing and touring attractions around Nozawaonsen.




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Obon (お盆)

Obon | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Obon (お盆) or sometimes, just Bon (盆) is a Japanese Buddhist remembrance custom observed over five centuries that has evolved into a family reunion holiday for many in Japan. It is especially prominent in rural communities and is a fixture in family calendars as everyone makes an effort to return together - sometimes to ancestral homes to do some grave sweeping together, sometimes to just have a holiday and reconnect. Everyone stops for a while - even our builders getting historic Himecho ready for our winter guests put down their tools, and prioritises time with loved ones.
The Obon just past was no exception and Nozawaonsen teemed with families. The morning markets (held at 6 - 7.30am!) were crowded; many coming out in their yukatas toting bath essentials as they combined a bit of shopping and snacking with a soak in a favourite onsen. A bonus to waking up early was the lovely cool morning air; the days were very warm!! The bright days encouraged our intrepid sportsmen to explore the many mountain trails around us on mountain bikes or on their own steam. Bikers could take the gondola up to Nagasaka and trail ride down the mountain through the many wonderful trails. Our guests also discovered the many hikes around Nozawaonsen, Lake Hokuryu and the Shinetsu Trail.
The less active enjoyed shopping in the village, the amazing range of good food and restaurants, the soto-yu public baths and ashi-yu foot baths. At the top of the Nagasaka gondola, many just brought books and relaxed in the sofas laid out, enjoying the view and the much cooler weather! Admittedly, we found our guests often came back after lunch to enjoy the air-conditioning in their rooms too!
As we head from summer into autumn, the colours in the forests behind will come in and the weather will cool. Autumn is one of our favourites periods here. Come visit us if you are here for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, or if you’d like to enjoy the rich autumn colours and taste the seasonal cuisine of the area. We hope we’ll have a chance to introduce the delights of the Fall here to you! 

Village Markert | Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Green Season at Yasushi

Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Our first white season this winter has been a thrill. We’ve so enjoyed welcoming guests from all around the world and introducing Nozawaonsen. It was again, another outstanding season for skiing and snowboarding. Guests celebrated our fabulous breakfasts and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing apres-ski drinks at Gochisou and soaking in our private onsen. As much fun as we had on the slopes, we had more in the village discovering new activities together - from snow shoe walks to onsen-hopping, culinary lesson and learning local handicrafts. Bad weather days became a good excuse for skiers to join non-skiers picking up new skills, sampling the fabulous food at restaurants that only open for lunch and uncovering delightful hidden corners of the village.
Of course, Nozawaonsen’s Dosojin Matsuri fire festival in January stands out not only amongst the other many festivals in the village, but in all of Japan (officially designated a national cultural treasure). There are other delightful festivals throughout the year and it has been a real delight to discover them alongside our guests. As the village draped on her green cloak of spring, snow festivals evolved into celebrations centred around harvests - most recently one focused on the delicious, succulent bamboo shoots that emerge in early spring.
Once the snow melts, we started work on our exciting new villa addition. One of the oldest historic houses - Himecho, in the heart of the village at Ogama, will become the newest addition to our accommodation offering. Renovations are underway to bring you traditional machiya-style living combined with the exacting standards of comfort we offer all our guests at Residence Yasushi. Ideal for a family or group of friends, Himecho will be ready for the next winter season. This gem of a house is steps away from the Yu Road moving walkway to the Hikage ski area, and steps away from the central Oyu crossroad in the village. Yet, as anyone familiar with Nozawaonsen will know, historic Ogama is a very peaceful and quiet neighbourhood.
There is so much to discover in enjoy in this village all year round. For those who aren’t focused only on skiing, our favourite season is the late summer and autumn. There are fabulous walks, markets, festivals and as always, the therapeutic onsen and amazing food.
Do come and join us for the long Obon break, or if you are following the Rugby World Cup to Japan!!

Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

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